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Reimagining PS-12 Private School Admissions

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Imagine a fully paperless admissions process from inquiry to decision.

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Ravenna gives you time to focus on what matters: genuine connections with students and families. Benefit from an admission system with unparalleled efficiencies, remove manual paper processing and increase the opportunity for regional collaboration.

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Imagine finding a better way for your students and families to apply.

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Ravenna families enjoy a simplified, centralized and complete application experience. Parents/guardians can submit forms, schedule events, monitor statuses, view decisions and more.

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Imagine a more inclusive decision-making process through greater access to applications.

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Ravenna provides a modern approach to file reading and committee management. Grant individual or group file access. Type notes and highlight forms. Multiple readers can access the same files at the same time, eliminating the need to shuffle folders back and forth. The result? Higher quality decisions.

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Stop Imagining.

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Give your PS-12 admission team and families something they could only imagine.

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