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Ravenna is made for admissions.

Ravenna is focused exclusively on solving the problems faced by enrollment management professionals. Our proven approach includes a fully paperless process, unmatched efficiencies and unprecedented data capabilities. When we combine our highly configurable online admission CRM with our strong ecosystem of partners, we empower our schools and enable more meaningful connections with families.

Recently Announced Partnerships:

School & Student Services

NEW! Finalsite

Ravenna and Finalsite have announced a broad partnership to provide premier products and services to the market to attract and retain families at independent schools. The partnership includes plans to tightly connect the two platforms together so that inquiry and application data can be accessed and used within both the Ravenna and Finalsite platforms. This means significant time savings for admissions and communications offices, as well as a better experience for families.


Ravenna and TADS are excited to announce our new integration—one that will allow our two systems to work together to provide a better enrollment management experience for both our schools and their families. This integration and enhancement allows schools to easily transfer student data from Ravenna into TADS to create contracts, collect deposits, and complete registration forms. Schools can use Ravenna’s robust admission solution while simplifying the student management process using TADS’s familiar tools.

School & Student Services

Ravenna and SSS have partnered to offer added convenience for admission offices and applicant families. With our new integration, schools can sync data automatically between Ravenna and SSS—pushing financial aid information directly into an applicant’s admission profile while using Ravenna’s advanced reporting tools to report on admission and financial aid data together. We even make the process easier for applying families by allowing them to start their SSS account using their existing Ravenna profile information.


Ravenna’s integration solution, CONNECT for ON, allows schools collecting admission applications through Ravenna to easily transfer applicant and household record information from Ravenna into Blackbaud’s onBoard, onRecord or onCampus using Blackbaud’s API. The integration is simple; once the two systems are linked, schools can easily push applicant and parent data from Ravenna into Blackbaud with the click of a button. Families get a seamless application experience with Ravenna, while schools get improved efficiencies from the increased ease with which both systems share data.

Existing Partnerships:

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